Reporting new claims to Larry Press, Inc.

Larry Press Inc. offers three convenient methods for reporting new claims: Internet, phone, or fax. Clients can now use our online forms to submit new claim assignments via the Internet. Your assignment will be received by our office and immediately assigned to an agent.. Receipt of your online claim submission is automatically acknowledged via return email as soon as it is received.

Report Online
If you have concerns about sharing your loss information over the Internet, we recommend you print your claim form and fax it to us at the number listed below.
Property  Loss
Auto Loss
General Liability

Workers' Compensation

NJExchange Request for Field Assistance (requires login)


After you have filled out all of the online data fields, you may wish to print a copy of your report for your records. You can print the form after you submit the form by clicking on the link provided on the confirmation page.

Information you'll need to file your claim:
Click here to see a list of the information you need to have readily available in order to file your claim.

Report by phone
Call our 24-hour hotline: 718-252-3826 or 1-800-327-0686

Report by fax
You can print the claims form using Adobe Acrobat reader and fax your claim to 1-718-692-2143.